Common questions

What is Finish Faster?

This service is as a result of a partnership between the California State University (CSU) and the California Community College Online Education Initiative. It is a college course search optimizer which is powered by Quottly. New and currently enrolled California college students can browse through thousands of transfer level online courses which are available at various california community college and state universities, that may count for credit at their own school. It searches nearby and online schools to find the cheapest courses possible that can help students finish their academic pursuits faster.

What courses are available via the site?

Courses offered through this site are transfer level online courses offered at all 23 CSUs and the 114 california community colleges (CCC). Emphasis is placed on courses that fulfill the IGETC and CSU GE patterns which is necessary for transferring to a California State University or completion graduation requirements at either system.

Who can register for these courses?

Any potential or existing California college student can view and register for these courses. In order to complete registration, students must comply with the admission and individual registration policies of the selected teaching college.

I would like to take a course from a community college, do I have to complete an admissions application?

Yes. If you are planning on taking a course from any of the California community colleges you must complete a new admission application. This application is available via this website. Once completed, your submitted application will be shared with the selected teaching college. Additionally, you will receive a follow up email from this service explaining the next steps in the registration process.

How soon can I register for a class after submitting the admissions application?

The timeframe between submission of your application and confirmation that the Teaching College has accepted the application will vary. After receiving your admission application, the selected college will process it, then you will receive an email with information regarding your acceptance status. Once accepted, you will be notified and encouraged to complete the registration process. Some colleges process within 24 hours while others may take up to 3 days.

Will my credits/units transfer to my home college?

Yes. All of the online courses available through the Quottly course finder are the actual California community college and CSU courses that are being offered as a part of a degree or certificate program. To ensure that your course will transfer and fulfill your degree or certificate requirements, you are strongly encouraged to confirm this with a counselor or advisor at your Home College.

Do I need to be California resident to take these courses?

Because students will fall into different residency categories depending on when they first started living in California, you would be required to contact the college’s Admissions Office or their website for information regarding their residency criteria.

Will my financial aid cover my tuition for these courses?

If you are a new or continuing student and receiving financial aid, you will have to contact your home college Financial Aid office for detailed information.